Stroytechnika Plant Ltd.

Ref. No. 17P from 24 March 2016
To Mr. Maximov V., Director of UraiAсtiv Ltd. Product review

The polyethylene fan RVSD-205-UА-PP-UXL2-1-0,25*1380-380 was purchased to remove hydrochloric acid vapors from a small enclosed spacewhere etching of parts and products was carried out before the application of zinc coating.
Etching is carried out in concentrated hydrochloric acid, the vapors of which lead to rapid corrosion and destruction of the metal parts of the fan and air.
The fan was installed in January 2016. It is quite effective at its small size and weight.It works quietly. The almost complete absence of corrosive parts and their protection against corrosive environment will ensure its long and trouble-free operation, which the production and operational services of our company hope for. This product was manufactured according to the technical specifications and the terms of the supply contract, with the appropriate quality, at the due date, with the provision of all necessary documentation. Customer wishes were also taken into account in the production of the fan.

Belov A.