Manufacturer of products from polypropylene

About us

Ltd. "UralActiv" engaged in the production of equipment from polypropylene.


  • Having our own production for processing and welding of polymers and direct contracts with domestic and foreign suppliers;
  • Activity of the company corresponds to ISO 9001-2011, as well as a declaration of conformity, conformity certificates and its own TU 2291-001-95801889-2015, TU 4861-002-95801889-2016;
  • The quality and appearance of the product conforms to the highest standards, such as welding of thermoplastics produced by machine and or using bending machines and welding hair dryer or extruder are used only if the code machine welding and bending is not possible;
  • We work only with reliable suppliers and do not save on quality. In consequence of our equipment lasts longer and has a better appearance;
  • We offer the best quality / price ratio;
  • Completely non-waste production. All our polypropylene waste is used again;
  • For our loyal and reliable customers we offer deferred payment 30 days after delivery.

We manufacture and supply:

  • Ventilation of polypropylene (fans, scrubbers and ductwork polypropylene);
  • Polypropylene scrubber packing;
  • Tanks and polypropylene and polyethylene tanks;
  • Chemical reactor of polypropylene;
  • Galvanic baths made of polypropylene;
  • Pools and water bowl made of polypropylene;
  • Grease from polypropylene;
  • Furniture made of polypropylene (cabinets for storing acids hoods made of polypropylene);
  • Machines for bending and welding of polypropylene;
  • Supply of imported equipment and spare parts from Germany, China, Korea and Japan (for the selection of technical requirements, procurement, delivery, certification, customs clearance).

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