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It is recommended to use the modular system with heat exchanger from polypropylene to reduce the temperature of technologic process or to use the heat of process for space heating and also for better action of gas washing.


Heat exchanger is intended for regeneration of thermal energy, firstly from wet outlet air or able to cause corrosion outlet air at its temperature -20°C till +50°C.

Due to high corrosion-resistance of heat exchangers from polymeric materials they are used mostly for air extraction in chemical/ pharmaceutical industries, for ventilation of laboratory rooms, dyeing plants and laundry rooms, galvanic and agricultural buildings etc.

Depending of each case it can be achieved up to 0.50 grade of heat transmission. It means that about 50% outlet air energy transfers to inlet air, and in such a way this energy can be used for heating.


The main element of this line is module (see upper drawing) with nominal dimensions 800 x 400 x nominal length Ln. The module is equal to the smallest standard size and consists of 258 polymeric pipes, end of these pipes are fastened from both sides to the base-plate. Operating of heat exchanger is based on principle of cross flow. Warm and sometimes contaminated outlet air (OA) goes outside the pipe. Cold inlet air (IA) goes inside the pipe. Both air flows are separated from each other. Modules form blocks of different sizes and are mounted into casing. As a result we have following standard versions (view “into the pipe”):

Presented drawings correspond to model V (vertical direct passing of outlet air. Model H has modules rotated 90°, and the outlet air goes through the heat exchanger horizontal like the inlet air.

There are 36 standard types with 4 versions of nominal length Ln (effective pipe length) 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500 mm. Also we can supply heat exchanger of differ size and configuration for specific use case.

Labeling: UA Quantity of modules x lines of modules (direction to the outlet air)

Operational conditions

Volume of used air about 3000-40000 m3 /h

Temperature limit of working environment -20°C till +50°C

Temperature limit of outside environment 0°C till +40°C (self-contained setting is not allowable)

Used materials provide good chemical resistance to many substances. Although it has to pay attention that polymeric materials are exposed to some chemical substances.

Always indicate the purpose of heat exchanger and type of working environment by ordering. It helps to more exact choice of necessary materials.