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Industrial humidifiers are used in such kind of rooms where their microclimate is closely associated with technical procedures in the production activity and industry. Maintenance of heat-humidity characteristics is very important for printing offices, wood processing, food and textile industries, server rooms.

Gas washers with spray chamber and multistage de-entrainment system from polymeric material have two functions: dust elimination and air humidification.


The humidification of the air is carried out at adiabatic temperature conditions. This process of changing of moist air is carried out at constant value of specific air enthalpy. T this condition the air temperature gets down and the specific humidity rises. Adiabatic process of air humidification is carried out in the spray chamber during air handling with recirculating water. The airflow is irrigated continuously with water (solution) by double sprayers. They spray the liquid in two directions: against airflow and along airflow. Such kind of air humidification is most efficient.

The process of dust and aerosol catching is available in these devices due to condensing effect – enlargement of vapors and particles due to the condensation of water vapors on them. After the air flow with contaminants combined by scrubbing liquid transfers in demisters where the scrubbing liquid is segregated from gas-air mixture. This device can operate in supply ventilation system and return air system.