Manufacturer of products from polypropylene

Back flow dampers

Descriptive part:

  • Chemical resistance to aggressive mediums
  • Light weight, simple assembly
  • Long service life
  • Good leak resistance
  • Lower service costs (smooth surfaces don’t accumulate sediments)
  • Environment protection, products are recyclable.

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The wall thickness of muff connection is always equal to wall thickness of back-flow damper.

Note! On special request we can make the wall thickness of back-flow damper and of flange connections thinner or thicker.

Types of dampers’ connection

  • Type 1 - М – Muff
  • Type 2 - F – Flange

Designation of back-flow damper

Damper UA-PP-OBR-DN-type-PR

UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene

OBR – type of valve – back-flow damper

DN – outer diameter

Type – type of connection (1 – Muff, 2 – Flange)

PR – drive (R – manual, E – electrical)

Example of designation: Damper UA-PP-OBR-200-1-R

Type 1 Muff

Type 2 Flange


Back-flow dampers of big diameters

 Type 1 Muff

Type 2 Flange