Manufacturer of products from polypropylene

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The company “UralActiv” manufactures lateral hoods from safe and firm polypropylene or other thermoplastic materials resistant to the aggressive media. This is a kind of slotted hoods where due to high speed in the slot the suction plume appears and all hazardous particles are caught dynamically nearby this plume. Lateral hoods from plastic are used in galvanic, metal industries where it is necessary to draw vapors from work solutions on surface of these solutions in galvanic baths. Lateral hoods from PP are produced as optional equipment for galvanic baths or as a separate item, for example by the modernization of galvanic sections.

There are two types of lateral hoods according their construction: common (slots are placed vertically) and inverted (slots are placed horizontally). There are following types according placement of slots: unilateral, bilateral, sectional and U-shaped.

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One can see below standard models of polypropylene lateral hoods. We also produce lateral hoods from customer drawings. If needed the lateral hoods can be equipped with integrated air valves.

Standard constructions of lateral hoods