Manufacturer of products from polypropylene

Rectangular air ducts

Descriptive part:

The company UralActiv produces plastic airways of square or rectangular cross-section with different dimensions from polypropylene and polyethylene sheets. Rectangular PP airways are most commonly used elements for ventilation; they are in demand in the sphere of climate control equipment and ventilation systems. It is connected with the possibility to use airways of rectangular cross-section for the mounting of any ventilation system due to the easiness of production, universality and standardized construction.

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Unlike the airways made from metal and galvanized steel, the PP and PE airways are resistant to corrosion and destruction, have good chemical resistance and are simply to maintain. It is possible to produce straight rectangular sections of length up to 2 m using the method of plastic sheet bending with one welding seam.

Designation of airway

Airway UA-PP-DNхS-L-type

UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene

DN – outer diameter

S – wall thickness

L – length of airway

Type – type of airway (M, F, MM, MF)