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Reducers from round to rectangular cross-section

Descriptive part:

Reducers are manufactured in different versions of connection to each other. They are divided in several types depends on it. The wall thickness of muff connection is always equal to wall thickness of reducer.

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Note! On special request we can make the wall thickness of reducer and of flange connections thinner or thicker.

Types of reducers’ connection

  • Type 1 – MM – Muff on both ends
  • Type 2 – FF – Flanges on both ends

Designation of reducers

Reducer UA-PP-DN1-a x b-S-type

UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene

DN1 – small diameter

DN2 – large diameter

S – wall thickness

Type – type of reducer (ММ, FF)

Example of designation: Reducer UA-PP-200-150х150-6-FF