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Descriptive part:

Reversing valves are made from chemical-resistant plastics – PP, PE and other thermoplastic materials. It enables to use plastic reversing valves in aggressive medium.

Reversing valve from PP is intended to guarantee continuous air supply in the ventilation system. The constriction of reversing valve from polypropylene or other thermoplastics provide the possibility to move the air flow from the main fan to an extra fan if case of the stop of the first one.

It is recommended to montage the reversing valves on vertical sections of input airways.

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The wall thickness of muff connection is always equal to wall thickness of valve casing.

Note! On special request we can make the wall thickness of reversing valve and of flange connections thinner or thicker.

Designation of back-flow damper

Reversing valve UA-PP-AxB-type

UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene

PE – type of polymer – polyethylene

AxB – outer dimensions of airway cross-section

Type – type of connection (1 – Muff, 2 – Flange)

Example of designation: Reversing valve UA-PP-500x500-2