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It often happens that it is difficult to match the precise length of airway by the installation of ventilation system. Sliding elements are used in such difficult situations. The sliding element is an airway made from polypropylene or polyethylene and consisting from 3 sections with the possibility to adjust the length twice. Plastic sliding element can be of round or rectangular cross-section.

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By ordering sliding element from plastic material it is recommended to choose the diameter DN according to the table of airway dimensions on p. 14, and the length Lmin-Lmax on customer request.

Note! On special request we can make the wall thickness of sliding element and of flange connections thinner or thicker.

Designation of sliding element

Sliding element UA-PP-DNхLmin-Lmax-type

UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene

DN – outer diameter of airway

Type – type of bend (1-Muff, 2- Flange)

Lmin-Lmax – necessary minimal and maximal values of airway length

Example of designation: Sliding element UA-PP-F500x1020-2000-2