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Labaratory scrubber VM-L

Descriptive part:

The company UralActiv Ltd. offers to produce laboratory scrubbers from thermoplastic materials. The basic polymeric materials used by production are polypropylene and polyethylene. Main advantage of these thermoplastics is the high resistance to abrasion and to cracking corrosion. This advantage provides long service life of equipment.

The laboratory scrubber (flow scrubber) is a device that cleans the air in laboratories from harmful impurities. This device is a kind ofejector scrubber and serves as a link between laboratory chemical hood and fume hood.

Themajor task of laboratory gas scrubber is a functioning as a jet scrubber which draws gases away without additional fan like the ejector. Scrubbing liquid is used as a working medium spraying by special atomizers in form of drops which are used for preliminary gas cleaning.

The air cleaning is necessary for every production where the laboratory tests and trials with chemical reactions are carried out. This device removes most of impurities from the air and makes it pure and safe-health. At the same time it solves the problem regarding the explosion hazard of aggregation of chemical elements and compounds in the fume hood and in the room. Research institutes, chemical complexes, pharmacological plants etc. are usually equipped with these devices.

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  • Wet scrubbing in the process of filling, discharging and cleaning of chemical equipment
  • Wet scrubbing in the process of tests in the chemical laboratories and pilot plants
  • Air cleaning in laboratories in case of emergency or repair works of chemical equipment


  •          Easy operation
  •          High resistance to corrosion due to usage of polymeric materials
  •          Automatic absorption,without fan
  •          High reliability

Technical characteristics of laboratory scrubber

Diameter Dn, mm

Consumption Q, m3/h

Н, mm

D, mm














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