Top cap ChimVent 360used as fillers for decarbonizers, mass transfer apparatus and vertical scrubbers.

Filler ChimVent 360  has a large specific surface area of 360 m2 / m3 in comparison with Pall rings of 93 m2 / m3 as a result of which it is possible to significantly reduce the size of mass transfer apparatuses or increase their efficiency.

Technical characteristics of rings ChimVent 360


FillerChimVent 360 d-55мм

Specific Surface (m2/m3)


Free volume%


Specific weight, kg


Resistance to gas flow

Low resistance (see diagrams below)

Liquid allocation


Chemical resistance


Formation of empty bands inside the decarbonizer

Do not have empty bands, as they have a shape of ball

Mechanical strength against pressure and shock

Does not crumble and no loss of volume, reuse (polypropylene is recyclable)


Easy cleaning of dirt during rinsing.

The ribs of the ball scrape off the settled solids from each other. On the one side there is a corresponding distance (less blockages), on the other side the middle wall is also perforated (better flow, less resistance).

Main requirements to fillers:

∙ have a large specific surface area (m2 / m3);

∙ have a considerable free volume;

∙ have a low specific gravity in order to exert as little pressure as possible on the supporting device;

∙ provide low resistance to gas flow;

∙ well allocate the liquid;

∙ have high corrosion resistance to the environments in which it is located;

∙ have the possibility of easy cleaning (flushing);

∙ absence of "dead zones - empty bands” inside the decarbonizer;

∙ have satisfactory mechanical strength against pressure and shock.