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Descriptive part:

Corrugated sheets which are aggregated in assembly units form the blade-type demister for horizontal flow. The streamlined profiles provide low pressure jumps and high efficiency of demister process.

Profiles are made from polypropylene and PVC. It allows to use them in different processes and in various operation conditions. The demister can be supplied as standard corrugated sheets with 6 m length. It is possible to shorten the sheets at any length.

Streamlined corrugated sheets deflect the damp gas flow. As a result the drops fly away by inertia to the surface of the corrugated sheets. Appeared liquid film flows down the sheet sunder the action of gravity.  The special form of sheets improves the capacity of demister: it advances the efficiency of separating of the smallest drops and provides the natural flow of liquid. 

The demister can be used as an airflow straightener in air collectors after condenser coil, prior to air washers, at the output of scrubbers etc. The profile can be used by the inlet stream rate from 2 till 6 m/s.

The distance between the profiles (L) can be 20 mm and 25 mm.

Demister cassette can be supplied in a housing (type 2) and without it (type 1). The housing of demister can be made from polypropylene or PVC.

Designation of demister cassette

Demister cassette UA-PP-Н-L – type

UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene (or PVC)

H– length of profile

L– distance between sheets

type  – type of supply 1 or 2

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