Chemical resistant PVC coatings of metal

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Protective polymeric coatings of metal: We can make PVC (polyvinylchloride) coating for metal. The PVC coating of metal ensures chemical and corrosion resistance of the whole product.

For electroplating industry we can offer coating from plastisol as a corrosion-preventing and chemical resistant covering. The coatings are used for stable insulation in electrolytes, to protect from extra metal deposits on the suspections of galvanic baths, drums, etching baskets and for other purposes in engineering industry.

Chemically-stable coatings from PVC are resistant to all organic solvents, hot and cold solutions and to many acids and alkalis.

The characteristics of corrosion protective coatings for metals

  1. Size of a part to be coated is max. 1500*850*1500 mm
  2. Operating temperature: +5 °С….+40 °С; for a short time: to 80 °С
  3. Color: Orange