Lining of containers by polypropylene sheet

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The company «UralActiv» Ltd. can also line the inner and outer surfaces of containers, reservoirs and baths by polymeric materials.

Lining by polymers is a coating of any containers, baths, silos and bins which surfaces are exposed to damage effect. Lining by polymers prolongs service life of your containers and vessels in several times. Corrosion, decomposition and other processes of surface damages can cause the complete breakage of container and big costs to replace it. Meanwhile polymeric sheets and chemical resistant plastic materials are the simple and high-quality solution of this problem.

Why is lining by plastic needed?

Every production having metallic containers for working solutions is under the threat of failure. Corrosion of containers with metallic surfaces (baths, vessels, reservoirs, bins) is a continuous process without weekends, operational downtime and smoke breaks. To prevent this danger it is needed to order lining of surfaces by PE or PP promptly. The chemical resistant plastic sheets are lined in container; the welding of PP sheets is carried out manually. This ensures the good sealing of surface.

The lining by polypropylene material has 2 functions: it protects the surface of bath (container or reservoir) from exposure of working solutions and provides good conditions for chemical reactions, which are carried out without mixture of metal oxides of bath’s inner surface.