Milling cutting of parts by means of CNC machine

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UralActiv Ltd. Has extra options for plastic pattern cutting for different sizes and volume. Parts are made with mill operation in one plane by means of CNC machine, or in other words – we cut out external outline of a part or part blank.

Also we have service for thermoplastic welding. Plastic is the most indemand material in all industries. This is due to its light weight, usability, long service life, low cost and simply cutting out with mill. Available polymeric materials are: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polyvinylidenfluoride.

Milling on CNC machines enables the production of width plastic product range of different complexity and dimensions. Maximal dimensions of CNC table are 2000 x 4000 mm. Maximal thickness of plastic 40 mm. Working accuracy – 0.3 mm.

Advantages of milling cutting

  • high accuracy of milling is provided with software application of machine
  • high speed of part processing
  • qualitative edge
  • shape cutting.

We accept drawings made with software AutoCad, Kompas, SolidWorks, and also freehand drawings with necessary dimensions.