Plastic pallets

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We produce plastic pallets based on your dimensions. Plastic pallets from polyethylene or polypropylene are excellent solution for collecting water, condensed moisture or other liquids as well as chemical aggressive liquids.

The intended use of pallets from polymers is very wide. Such kind of pallets is strong, has light weight, is esistant to temperature and chemicals, leakproof. Plastic pallets don't hurt if it gets wet, they can be used outdoors, they are easy to maintain and to clean. Pallets are equipped with special frames, wheels, legs.

Pallets are intended for use

  • to transport indoors and to storage vessels and other containers with dangerous liquids.
  • to collect spilled liquids into the waterproof container for the purposes of industrial safety.
  • for possible further usage of collected liquids.
  • to ensure the cleanness of working place, to observe labor protection, industrial health and environmental safety.

There are no limits in dimensions by the production. Plastic pallet are made to order in any sizes and forms (rectangle, circle), with elongate or round shape.