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Usually grit chambers of vertical type have large capacity. They are mounted to serve large areas and industrial production.

In industrial conditions plastic grit chambers are used as the first unit of integrated wastewater treatment system. They are used in:

  • Carwashes and car-care centers
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Car parking
  • Public catering facilities
  • The territory of sport facilities or pedestrian areas

In the surface drainage systems and stormsewage systems

Operating principle

Storm water flows through the supply pipeline into the downflow area where this water moves uniformly along the perimeter of inner chamber’s part. Moving from the partition to the center water flows down and distributes uniformly on the whole cross-section of the downflow area. If sewage water moves down slow-speed the stream loses its carrying capacity. Due to this process the suspended particles are settled down. Intense separation of liquid and solid phase appears at the flow bend. Further water moves with the upward stream, flows over the border of collecting tray and is removed trough the discharge pipe.

Supplied grit chambers traps can be manufactured according to client’s dimensions and drawings.