Horizontal scrubbers
Scrubbers with horizontal flow smaller, easier to maintain and cheaper scrubbers with a vertical line up
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PP, PVC, PE fans and blowers
are mainly installed in the galvanizing lines for chromium plating
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Laboratory fans
made from polypropylene for exhaust fume hoods
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Polypropylene fume hoods
are intended for laboratories
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Polypropylene air ducts
Polypropylene air-ducts are resistant to vapor corrosive environments and temperature extremes
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Flexible connectors for fans
for longitudinal, transverse displacement, thermal elongations pipelines, and to reduce the level of vibration
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Galvanic tanks
There is an opportunity to design and produce all types of polypropylene galvanic baths on the bases of our company
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Electroplating baths for chromium
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Galvanic lines
are used for coating of the parts in alkaline and acid electrolytes
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Rectangular tanks
We produce rectangular reservoirs are made from thermoplastic sheet material (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF etc.)
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Cylindrical tanks
HIMTENK container
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Our advantages
Having our own production

Manufacturing and production of polypropylene on request - equipment polypropylene - UralActiv

Ltd. "UralAсtiv" engaged in the production of equipment from polypropylene.


  • Ventilation of polypropylene (fans, scrubbers and ductwork polypropylene)
  • Polypropylene scrubber packing
  • Tanks and polypropylene and polyethylene tanks
  • Chemical reactor of polypropylene
  • Galvanic baths made of polypropylene
  • Pools and water bowl made of polypropylene
  • Grease from polypropylene
  • Furniture made of polypropylene (cabinets for storing acids hoods made of polypropylene)
  • Machines for bending and welding of polypropylene
  • Supply of imported equipment and spare parts from Germany, China, Korea and Japan (for the selection of technical requirements, procurement, delivery, certification, customs clearance).

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