Thermoplastic transport containers for aggressive liquid

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Maximov Evgeny
Director of sales and development
+7 (343) 253-10-21

The company UralActiv Ltd. Can offer plastic containers in metal frame to storage and transport aggressive media. Plastic containers, vessels, reservoirs and metal frames are produced according to the customer’s dimensions and meet the personal needs and requirements for the transportation of hazardous substances.

The configuration depends on type of liquid to be transported and its concentration. If needed containers, vessels for transporting of aggressive liquids can be equipped with stop valves and safety valves, fittings for installation of monitoring instrumentation, slopping bottom for full draining.

Available materials

  • HDPE polyethylene, -50…+80 ºC
  • PP-BC polypropylene block copolymer, -40…+80 ºC
  • PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride, -30…+140 ºC