Air ducts and profiled elements HIMVENT made of combined plastic materials for high pressure

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Our company manufacturing air ducts and parts of ventilation system from combined materials such as sheet thermoplastics (PP or PVDF) for contact with a chemical media and structural fiberglass for mechanical strength.


  • This technology allows to manufacturing air ducts of various size and shapes for a wide range of pressure and vacuum up to 10,000 Pa.
  • Beside it, this solution greatly reduce the cost of products, especially with using of costly materials such as PVDF or ECTFE, because all the mechanical strength will be provided by structural fiberglass, and the chemical strength will be provided with thickness sheet of material.

The main technical solutions are given in this catalog, the table of chemical resistance of sheet thermoplastics is presented in a section of the products catalogs of the UralActiv official website.

Marking these items following:

Air duct ChimVent-Material type-DN-D or P- Value , D / R-L-type

Type – PP-C/С;  PP-H/С; PVDF/С; ECTFE/С (sheet material/Combined)

d – innerdiameter.

P (pressure) or D(discharge) – Select here pressure or discharge will be in a air duct.

Value Pressure/Discharge – measured in Pa, for example, 4500 Pa.

L – length in air duct.

Type – type of air duct (M, F, ММ, МF)