The main specialization of UralActiv Ltd. (Yekaterinburg) is the manufacturing and supplies of industrial polymer radial fans of acid-resistant type. These fans are manufactured in all standard sizes of low pressure (RVND), of medium pressure (RVSD) and of high pressure (RVVD). Their capacity is 300-150000 m3/h and the pressure up to 17000 Pa for different chemical acid or alkali mediums. The service life is about 50 years in aggressive gas medium.

The housing of fan (scroll housing) can be made from polypropylene of Russian or foreign production and also from other types of polymers according to the medium and its concentration. Depending on the rotational speed and the chemical medium fan running wheels can be made of reinforced chemical-resistant polymer or steel rubberized PVC. Every radial fan has a pipe for condensate drain. All inside parts of the fan (fasteners, shaft, hub) have polymeric coating. There is the possibility of manufacturing and supplies of industrial polymer radial fans of acid-resistant type in explosion-proof design. The radial fans catalogue offers standard solutions.

In case you need a fan for specific conditions please fill out the questionnaire. Operating temperature depends on the type of thermoplastic and varies from – 50 to +80 degrees. Because of that the transportation, installation and operation of fans should be at above-zero temperature. If the installation of fan indoors is not possible please use our reinforced chemical-resistance polymer.

It is recommended to install the simple gas washer before the fan if the hazardous exposure of hydrofluoric acid (HF-acid) at middle and high concentration is possible. All fans can be made from steel of industrial type. We offer special conditions for the cooperation with the engineering companies from full technical support to the final result. Also our company designs and manufactures absorption systems for wet gas cleaning – polypropylene vertical and horizontal scrubbers.

The use of scrubbers not only increases the corporate culture but also helps to protect the environment and prolongs the service life of fans. The separate catalog provides more detailed information We manufacture all types of ventilation system’s parts from polymers: from straight-line sections to valves, acoustic absorbers and others. All products are made according to the technical specification ТУ 2291-001-95801889-2015