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Optional you can order following components and equipment for the furniture

Chemical-resistant laboratory taps and mixer-taps 
Household taps, gate valves
Mains sockets
Adjustable supports
Furniture leg rollers
 Polypropylene sinks
Drier installations from polypropylene - for labware

Trays (cuvettes)

- are used to solve the problem with collecting of water, condensed water and other liquids as chemical-aggressive liquids. The scope of application of polymeric trays is wide and they can be provided with drain tube, chemicalresistant taps.

Company UralActiv Ltd manufacturing perforated shelves/trays from thermoplastic sheets (polypropylene block copolymer, polypropylene homopolymer, HDPE, PVC, PVDF) with a diapason of temperature of materials from -50 to + 14 0C.


Shelves / trays made from thermoplastic sheets are suitable and safe for contact with food, medical and abrasive media.


Variety of colors: gray, black, blue.

Any sizes of shelves with according of customer request.

Material  thickness from 3mm to 40 mm

Maximum product size 2000x4000 mm

Various sizes of perforation.

Cutting boards from polypropylene

Fan RVND-L-164

Basically the laboratory fans are intended for installation in ventilation hoods (exhaust fume hoods) to remove the chemical aggressive media. Also these fans can be used in galvanic industry. One from the advantages is a large range of aerodynamic characteristics of these fans: productivity 180-1600 m3 /h, pressure 70- 1100 Pa. Laboratory radial fans are manufactured from chemical-resistant plastics: casing and working wheel made from polypropylene. Optional they can be made from other materials – polyethylene, PVC. Flexible chemical-resistant elements on the base on polypropylene and PVC are available in the construction of fan.