Manufacturer of products from polypropylene

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Laboratory radial fans are manufactured from chemical-resistant plastics: casing and working wheel made from polypropylene. Optional they can be made from other materials – polyethylene, PVC. Flexible chemical-resistant elements on the base on polypropylene and PVC are available in the construction of fan.

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Basically the laboratory fans are intended for installation in ventilation hoods (exhaust fume hoods) to remove the chemical aggressive environment. Also these fans can be used in galvanic industry. One from the advantages is a large range of aerodynamic characteristics of these fans: productivity 180-1600 m3 /h, pressure 70-1100 Pa.

To achieve any points of diagram we offer to equip the laboratory fan additionally with frequency converter. The construction of fan with axial outlet enables the fan’s installation regardless of rotating direction. Angle of position can differ depending on specific conditions. This type of fan is also manufactured in explosion-proof version.

The fans of explosion-proof version are intended for use in explosion hazardous zones of class 1 and 2, category IIA IIB, group T1…T4 according to standards GOST IEC 60079-10-1, IEC 60079-20-1 in keeping with appropriate explosion proof mark GOST 31441.1, GOST IEC 60079-14, GOST 55026, GOST 30852.13. The fans are completed with explosion-proof electromotor marketed as 1 Ex d IIB T4 and are certificated in accordance with TP TC012/2011 regulations.