HIMVENT gas washers (or scrubbers) are intended to clean the air contaminated with acid and alkali fumes, usually at electroplating industries, laboratories and in technological processes. HIMVENT gas washers including all its inner parts (nozzle, sprayers, pipelines, pump, valve, level sensor, рН-indicator) are manufactured from polypropylene (PP). On your request we can produce scrubbers from other polymers – PP and its modifications: PVC (polyvinylchloride), PE (polyethylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).

Scrubbers can be of two types: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal scrubbers «GM» are more compact and enable cleaning at high speeds of air-gas flow. The capability of scrubber series is 800 – 68800 m3/h. The scrubber’s resistance depends on model and can reach 300 – 800 Pa; scrubbers are intended for gas temperature 5 – 65 grades. The temperature of installation site: +5…+40 °C indoors (modification for outdoor use by -30…+30 °C is possible on special request). The efficiency of gas washers is 99 % for particles min. 15 micron. Depending on air-gas flow and operating side there are possible length and right types of body location. For aerodynamic reasons a straight pipe must be planned with a length of at least 3 times of the pipe diameter for the air inlet. Also it is recommended to plan at the outlet side a straight pipe of at least up to 1 meter.