Venturi Pipe in a high velocity gas scrubbers

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High velocity gas scrubbers mainly using for gases cleansing and removal micron and submicron dust.

The main principle of operating of these devices is based on intensive crushing by a gas flow moving at high speed (usually about 60 ... 150 m/s, but it can reach up to 430 m/s) of the irrigated liquid.

The sedimentation of dust particles on drops of liquid is promoted by the turbulence of the gas flow and comparative high velocities between the trapped dust particles and drops.

The most common device in this class is the Venturi scrubber, which is the most efficient wet dust catcher used in industry.

The basic part of the Venturi scrubber is designed as a Venturi pipe for the purpose of reducing hydraulic losses.

Venturi pipe UralActiv, can be manufactured from fiberglass and laminated with polypropylene and covered with reinforcing outer layer of fiberglass.