Privacy Policy

Consent to Personal Data Processing And Storage

Herewith, I, hereinafter – the Personal Data Subject, in pursuance of the requirements of Federal Act No.152-FZ of 27.07.2006 “On Personal Data” (with amendments and additions), in my own free will and interest, give my consent to UralActiv Ltd. (address: 620014, Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg, Yumasheva, Str 11) for processing of my personal data, which have been mentioned at registration by way of filling in the web forms on the following website (herinafter – the Website), sent (filled in) with the use of the Website or by telephone call with fixed consent.

The Personal Data include any information related to me as the Personal Data Subject, including my surname, given names, address, education, profession, position, employer, contact data (telephone, fax, e-mail, postal address), pictures and any other information. The Personal Data Processing includes collection, systematization, accumulation, specification, updating, change, use, dissemination, transfer, including the cross-border transfer, depersonalization, blocking, elimination, dead storage and any other actions (operations) with personal data.

Processing of the Personal Data of the Personal Data Subject is done exclusively for the purpose of registration of the Subject’s Personal Data in the Organizer’s database with the following sending e-mails and SMS-notices to the Subject of Personal Data, including those containing advertisements, by the Organizer, its affiliated persons and/or subcontractors, newsletter mailing, sending invitations to the Organizer’s events and other news and advertising information, as well as for the purpose of identification of the Personal Data Subject when visiting the Organizer’s events.

The date of giving Consent to Personal Data Processing by the Personal Data Subject is the date of sending the registration web form from the Website.

Personal Data Subject Data Processing may be done automatically and/or without using the automated equipment in compliance with the current RF legislation and internal rules of the Organizer.

The Organizer undertakes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or provides their adoption in order to protect personal data from any unjustified or casual access to them, their elimination, alteration, blocking, copying, provision or dissemination of personal data, as well as from any other illegal actions in respect of personal data, and undertakes an obligation of non-disclosure of the Personal Data Subject’s data. The Organizer may attract subcontractors for processing the data of the Personal Data Subject, as well as transfer the personal data for their processing to its affiliated entities on the condition that such subcontractors and affiliated entities undertake the corresponding obligations in relation to confidentiality of personal data.

I am informed that:

  1. This consent for processing of personal data indicated at registration on the Website, sent in (filled in) through the Website, is valid during 5 (five) years from the moment of registration on the Website;
  2. The Consent may be withdrawn by the Personal Data Subject by virtue of a written notice made in a free form to the Organizer, sent to its e-mail address or to the postal address indicated on the Website.