The company «UralActiv» Ltd. manufactures different polymeric vessels and reservoirs from chemical-resistant plastic materials (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF etc.). We produce plastic containers of any form and with different dimensions. On your request the containers from plastic materials can have cylindrical and rectangular form, can be of vertical and horizontal design, and also can be completed with hatches, branch pipes, bends, fittings, pumps and other special equipment. Process container is a leakproof vessel made by welding of plastic sheets (e.g. polypropylene or polyethylene).

All vessels are manufactured in accordance with technical specification ТУ 2291-001-95801889-2015.

PP and PE reservoirs and containers can be used for storing of any products – liquids, hard and granular materials. We can manufacture cylindrical and rectangular containers of all dimensions and according to customer’s special request and based on customer’s drawings or technical specifications. Polypropylene doesn’t absorb smells and doesn’t pass them to the liquids; it is easy to wash and has almost no incrustations. PP is an excellent dielectric material. As PP material conducts heat hardly the polypropylene reservoirs are good to keep temperature of liquids without using heat insulation. PP material has Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate, therefore any containers made from it can be also successfully used in food industry. Containers from PP sheets have lighter weight as the metallic containers with the same capacity. It is a good advantage if you need to transport containers.

The shelf-life of polypropylene containers is in several times greater than the shelf-life of containers from metal. Products are widely used for individual, industrial purposes, in food and chemical industries. The main characteristics of PP are low density, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, chemical resistance, excellent water resistance, low friction resistance and simply processing. Due to the low weight of polypropylene and its good properties in aggressive medium the PP material is widely used and becomes an optimal solution for many different branches. The wall’s thickness and color spectrum can be changed as prior agreed.