Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) duct products

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Glass-reinforced plastic is a composite material consisting of curing polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass.

Airways from glass-reinforced plastic are intended to transport air mixture with reactive gases, vapors and dust. They are used in exhaust systems of ventilation for corrosive media.


  • Low relative density makes easier the assembly and mounting of airways
  • Dielectric properties – glass-reinforced plastic is a good electroinsulating material
  • High corrosion resistance and biological stability – it has no exposure to electrochemical corrosion, is resistant to different aggressive media including exposure to salts, acids and alkali, is resistant to vital activity products which greatly extends the service life of airways.
  • Excellent mechanical properties – the airways from glass-reinforced plastic having low relative density possesses excellent stress-related characteristics. It provides the ability to withstand high static or dynamic loads, to resist external input — stroke, to keep an initial shape after mechanical exposure, to have high resistance to abrasion. As a result it has long operation period.
  • Thermal insulation properties – low conductivity. Using the airways from this material the air temperature is preserved as constantly a long time in rooms with airways installed. The condensate doesn’t appear on the surface of ventilation ducts.