The company UralActiv Ltd. offers to produce mist extractors from thermoplastic materials. The basic used material is polypropylene. Main advantage of the thermoplastics is the high resistance to corrosion compared to steel frame; that provides long service life of equipment.

The mist appears as a result of thermal condensation of vapors or chemical reaction of substances from aerodispersive system. The mist arises during the production of sulphuric acid, thermal phosphoric acid, at the concentration of different acids and salts, during the oil evaporation etc.

Mist extractors are the polymeric filters for micro-droplets; they serve to catch various mists from all possible gas streams including particles of micron size.


  • Production of sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, plastics and compressed gas processing, production of carbamide, ammonium nitrate, asphalt and in other industries. Mist extractors are installed in the gas lines which contain suspended liquid micro particles.
  • Natural gas purification and dehydration in the rectifying and absorption columns, in other towers and scrubbers for oil producing and refining industry, gas producing and processing industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy industry and other manufacturing sectors.


  • PP-BC – polypropylene block copolymer, temperature range +40…+80 degrees
  • PVDF – polyvinylidene fluoride, temperature range  -30…+140 degrees

Note: The material, type, shape and dimensions of mist extractor are selected according to the requirements of technological process, environment conditions and device construction.