Chemical-resistant laboratory tables are widely used both in paper industry, and for complicate research activities with different chemical materials.

Plastic tables are produced from chemical-resistant thermoplastic materials, for example from polypropylene. Tables can have different design. The frame of table is section polypropylene.

The table can be equipped with technological additional elements, shelves, integrated or movable stands, sockets, lights and others.

PP table can be provided with roller supports. This table is mainly intended for arrangement and movement of laboratory equipment, devices, tools, labware etc. The tabletop is made from polypropylene, can be provided with protecting from spilling collars and with handles to enable easy and safety movements. Also the tabletop from PP can be used as cutting boards at public catering enterprise. It is water-resistant, has high mechanical strength as compared to polyethylene or wood.

We can produce table based on your specifications or on standard parameters.