Systems for chemical dosing

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The company UralActiv Ltd. offers design decisions of chemical dosing station for different branches of industry from thermoplastic materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, PVDF). Materials for pipelines, valves and joint packing are selected taking into account the resistance to processing medium.

Systems for chemical dosing have the main purpose to simplify the preparation of liquids with complex composition for industrial needs. To bring the liquid medium in a proper condition is the high-precision process.  

Main functions of chemical dosing stations

  • Routine measurements of processing medium’s characteristics
  • Control of  medium composition
  • Supply of agent’s necessary quantity.

The main element of system for chemical dosing is the metering pump. According to the workflow needs the metering pumps deliver the chemicals into the piping system where circulates the working fluid. The special equipment measures the parameters of medium, the control program changes the required volume and delivers it to the process solutionautomatically.

Complicated systems for chemical dosing use several metering pumps to inject the agents. At that each agent is kept in its vessel and is delivered by its batcher.

Dosing stations are very compact and don’t require special maintenance. A standard set includes check valves, vibration dampeners, bypass valves, pressure/temperature sensors and all necessary check and control valves to ensure safe operation.

Note! The design of chemical dosing station, quantity of pipelines and the level of its automation is determined according to client’s technical requirements and specifications.

Scope of application

  • Water reclamation, wastewater treatment
  • Private or public pools,water parks, fountains
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical production
  • Paper manufacture
  • Gas industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Agriculture
  • Medical and cosmetology industry
  • Production of building materials.