Fume hood is intended for laboratories to ensure the staff protection during the processing of wide range of chemical hazardous substances, with their effective exhaust out from the working area; to carry out chemical-analytical investigations of materials regarding the appearance and spreading of harmful for human toxic steam and gases. Fume hoods can be used in conditions of constant humidity.

Fume hoods are manufactured from chemical-resistant material – polypropylene. The constriction of fume hoods consists from 2 main parts: upper part – working chamber, lower part – working stand or supporting frame. The design of hood from PP provides adjustable bearings. Working chamber can be equipped with lifting screen. Working stands can have exhaust system. Optional the PP fume hoods can be equipped with the tap for water or gas, with luminescent lamps, bucket sinks, sockets, switches, trays for chemical agents (cuvettes) etc.

Integrated stands are suitable for storage of chemical reagents (acids, alkalis). If the fume hood has a sink the stand is provided with technological module for water trap servicing and for storage of accessory materials. Working stands can have exhaust system (both depending on air movement inside the chamber and independent).