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e company UralActiv Ltd. manufactures Venturi scrubber from thermoplastic materials. Polypropylene and polyethylene are main polymeric materials that are used in production. The advantages of these materials in comparison with steel are high resistance to abrasion and corrosion cracking that provides long service life of equipment.

Venturi scrubber is a device for effective particulate control of air passing through this device. This is a system for cleaning of ventilated gas from impurities, for returning of gas into the atmosphere or into the next production. One can used the usual process water as an absorbing agent. This water doesn’t need preliminary preparation and therefore it cheapens the working of gas treatment system maximally.


Venturi is a scrubber suitable for any production with emissions of contaminated air such as:

    • coke and by-product process
    • refinery operations
    • stone-working process
    • chemical production
    • metallurgical production etc. 

Operation principle of Venturi scrubber

The capture principle bases on settling of dust particles on the drops of irrigating water in the Venturi pipe and their next separation in the scrubber. Dusty gases that get into the Venturi pipe are irrigated with water and are accelerated to the speed 40-150 m/s in a confuser. Drops of irrigating water are disintegrated with rapid gas stream and are accelerated in the throat of Venturi pipe. Because the water density is three times greater than the gas density, water drops have lower speed and as a result the filtration of dusty gas stream goes through moving water fine-filter. In this filter the gravity sedimentation of dust particles from the gas is happen on granular drops. Drops with sedimented dust particles are caught in the scrubber due to the centrifugal force, are settled and are removed through the hydraulic lock from the device in form of slurry.

Proposed device for gas cleaning has high possibility of capture. The present Venturi scrubber is designed to clean from:

  • soot and dusty particulate matters;
  • resinous compounds and chlorinates;
  • hydrogen sulphide and ammoniac vapors;
  • dioxides and acids.