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Maximov Evgeny
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UralActiv Ltd. produces fibrous galvanic filters FVG-PP UA which are similar to filters FVG-T and FVG-M.

The filters FVG-PP-UA are intended to air ventilation emissions from the most hard-separable small aerosol particles, mists of acids, resinous and oily aerosols with particle loading at least 10 micron.

Also the fibrous filters are used to filtrate mists of solutions within the chemical reactions by different work activities.

The fibrous galvanic filters are widely used for air washing in systems of ventilation, supply ventilation, air conditioning and in other special equipment. The fibrous filters FVG-PP-UA fall in between wet scrubbing and filter devices.

The casing of filter is made from chemical-resistant material – polypropylene. The cassette with filtering material out on the frame is placed inside the casing. To check the filter condition there are inspection holes on the casing and visual level indicator.

The filtering material is a polymeric fabric on basis of polypropylene. The material has purity class G-4 according to EN 779. The filter operates in a mode of accumulation of caught particles on the filtering material’s surface with partial draining. If the pressure drop is 500 Pa (50 mm w.g.), the galvanic filter is exposed to periodic cleaning (one in 15-30 days). The cassette is easy to remove from the filter FVG-PP-UA. The advantage of cassette is its prefabricated structure which enables to change only filtering material and not the whole cassette.

There are five types of filters with capability from 2500 till 80000 m3/h.

Every type has three modifications:

  • 01 – without hydraulic lock, with two-side access
  • 02 – with hydraulic lock, with two-side access
  • 03 – with hydraulic lock and irrigation, right-hand and left-hand with two-side access.