We are responsible for our home: part 1

According to the BBC over the past 70 years, humanity has produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic and more than 80% is in landfill or in the environment, which is 6.64 billion tons is it much? The weight of the Eiffel tower 7 500 tons, if you divide the amount of waste on this value, we get 885 333 units or 33 200 000 statues of liberty. If you put with each other these statues, we get distance equal to 3 087 600 km is a distance equal to the route from the earth to the moon and back 4 times.

Only people are responsible for all this and we all need to understand the scale of this crisis. The future of our common home lies in conscious consumption on the part of consumers and waste-free production on the part of producers.

UralActiv Ltd. understands this and has decided that the production of our equipment will be completely waste-free. All our waste from polymer sheets are recycled with a note that these wastes should be reused.

We want to produce not only high-quality and high-tech equipment, but also to take care of our environment.