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Clamping flanges are the plane polymeric flanges with internal opening for installation on airways of round and rectangular cross-section. Flanges are made from chemical-resistant plastic sheets (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride) by means of CNC machines. Plane plastic flanges from PP are used as connecting element between pipes, isolation valves and pipelines or other equipment.

They serve as reducer from steel pipe to plastic one. Polypropylene flanges provide impermeability of airway connections, their stability and security. Assembly: the flange is put on the bush (pipe etc.). If the supporting side is absent on the pipe, the flange is welded on the same level as the end surface. Then the assembling is made by means of companion flange with pins, bolts, screws, washers.

On customer request the flanges can be produced with or without hastener holes. If you need to hide the head of hastener, the holes are designed separately for each hastener. Optional the flanges are supplied with fluoroplastic tape to ensure high impermeability. In such case the flange has a deepening for the tape.

Designation of round flange

UA-PP-Fl-DN-50-S-d1-n-D av

Example of designation


Designation of rectangular flange


Example of designation


UA – UralActiv

PP – type of polymer – polypropylene

PVC – type of polymer – polyvinylchloride

PE – type of polymer – polyethylene

DN – outer diameter of airway with round cross-section

AxB – outer dimensions of airway with rectangular cross-section

50 – flange width

S – flange thickness

d1 – diameter of hastener hole

n – quantity of hastener holes ъ

D av– average diameter of hastener holes for round flange

A1xB1 – dimension for position of hastener holes for rectangular flange