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Maximov Evgeny
Leading specialist ventilation direction of polypropylene
+7 (343) 253-10-21

The valve HIMVENT is used for regulation and disconnection of dust-and-gas stream by the medium temperature maximum 80 °С and by the pressure maximum 0,004 МPa.

Structure of the valve HIMVENT

Casing of the valve and its flap is made from polypropylene that makes it possible to use for regulation of aggressive media. The maximum pressure drop is 0.012 MPa on the valve closed. Nominal inside diameter is 160 DN – 1250 DN. The valve is equipped with the stops; angle of effective rotation for the flap is 0 - 90 degree. Using bearing units allows the flap to turn slowly and lowers a load on the actuating mechanism. It is possible to have a configuration with hand and electric-powered drive.