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Air duct from polyurethane, resistant to abrasivity. Very flexible and elastic. It enables to take away electrostatic charging by grounding of steel spiral. Withstand temperature -40°C till +90°C.

Color: transparent (color value Cl)

Scope of application

Transportation of abrasive materials (dust, powder, fibers, chippings, fillings); gaseous media (oil vapors, welding fume). It can be used in food, chemical industries, woodworking, cleaning systems. Service life is in 4-5 time longer than service life of airways from PVC.


High quality transparent polyurethane (ester) corresponds to FDA standard. It is reinforced with zinc-plated spiral from spring steel. Wall thickness of turn-to-turn area is 0.7 mm.

Example of designation for flexible airway ordering

Airway-GV-PU-0.7-51-10 (Name – diameter – length)