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Maximov Evgeny
Leading specialist ventilation direction of polypropylene
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Flexible air duct from PVC (polyvinylchloride) and with frame from steel high-carbon wire. Light, elastic and high-abrasion airway. It enables to take away electrostatic charging by grounding of steel spiral. Withstand temperature -20°C till +70°C.

Color: transparent (color value Cl)

Scope of application

It is used for plant air systems and vacuum units for smoke extraction, gases, powdered hard materials, powder, fibers, chippings. It is resistant to chemical substances, acid-alkali media. Ventilation of bilges.


High quality soft PVC is reinforced with steel spiral (zinc-plated steel spiral for transparent PVC) from spring steel. Wall thickness of turn-to-turn area is 0.5 m.

Example of designation for flexible airway ordering

Airway-GV-PVC-0.5-51-10 (Name – diameter – length)