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Designed for filling packed columns and other heat and mass-transfer equipment (scrubbers, absorbers, condensers, filters).

They are used to create a porous layer and turbulizing phase contact, redistribute and increase the contact surface of the liquid and gas phases.

This rings have high efficiency and extended service life.

Features of this rings

  • The original form and geometry.
  • Optimal form and structure of cap top.

Features of operation

Effective formation of thin films and increased mass-transfer between vapor (gas) and liquid phases.

High rate of movement of the vapor phase without excessive capturing of liquid - flooding and hanging.

Equal allocation of the liquid phase throughout the volume of the backfill with the cap top, as result will be effective wetting of the surface, the formation of a uniform film of liquid in contact with a turbulent flow of vapors or gases. Free passing of the gas phase at a low specific pressure drop per unit length of the cap top. Absence of liquid stagnation zones. Slight formation of through flows of gas and liquid in breakthrough.

Advantages in exploitation:

High performance of mass transfer, include column apparatus.

High efficiency.

High mechanical resistance.

Reduced clogging of the mass transfer part of the equipment.

High corrosion resistance for ceramic and plastic tips.

Material: polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, PTFE, PFA, FEP, HDPE, fiberglass, steel.

Sizes: 25 mm, 47 mm, 51 mm, 59 mm, 73 mm, 95 mm, 145 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm.

Characteristics of Rings

Type of cap top


× height

× thickness mm

Specific surface, m2/m3Free Volume, m3/m3Density
kg / m3
Quantity, pcs/m3
Φ50  Φ50×1.5 120 42 73 10480
Φ25  25×9×(1.5×2) 269 82 58 17500
Φ47  47×19×(3×3) 185 88 128 32500
Φ51-(1R)  51×19×(3×3) 180 89 111 25000
Φ59  59×19×(3×3)1509210317500
Φ73(2R) 73×28×(3×4)127891028000
Φ95(3R)  95×37×(3×6)94901023600
Φ100(4R)  100×37×(3×6)10690883300
Φ145  145×48×(3×6)6595801100
2K 83X329295486050
3K 105X567296501650