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The Tri-Pack packaging container is designed to maximize surface contact between exhaust gases and cleaning fluid by facilitating sustained formation of drops in the packed media layer.

The unique shape of the Tri-Pack top cap provide the steady allocation of liquid across the whole surface of the tower and minimizes wasteful liquid flow down the wall.

Top caps prevent clogging because there are no tabulate surfaces or holes for solid parts to enter, also their form eliminate mixing.

As the result of applying Tri-Packs is extremely high cleaning efficiency, minimizing the amount of material required and the depth of packaging.

The design of Tri-Pack prevents dry blots and compression blocking, two facts typical in traditional packaging media.

Both of which cause circulation of liquid and air and reduce the efficiency of the medium.


Size2-inches3 1/2 inches
Geometric  surface area (m² / ft³) 4838
Packing factor1612
Voidratio (%)9395
Weight (lb / ft³) 4,2 3,3
Quantity / ft³38048