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Polypropylene Exhaust chimney aspirator(cap) are local open-type suction devices widely used in ventilation systems. With support of local suction devices performs trapping of harmful substances in places of their formation and releasing. With this method of ventilation of premises and working rooms, achieving high technical and economic indicators of ventilation are achieved with minimal air changes.

They are installed in working area with galvanic tanks, for example, above bell baths/tanks.

Polypropylene Exhaust chimney aspirator(cap) made of polypropylene are a type of local suction system.

Polypropylene Exhaust chimney aspirator(cap) have the shape of a truncated cone or pyramid.

They are located above the heat source at some distance from it and are connected to the exhaust ventilation system.

That exhaust chimney aspirators are used in cases where the complete cover of the source of harmful substances interferes with the technological process.

The opening angle of the exhaust chimney aspirator is taken no more than 60 °.

Because with a larger value of the angle became a significant unevenness of the velocity field along the suction section of the device.

We manufacture this equipment according the customer requirements and parameters.

Designation of suspended-type exhaust cap

Exhaust chimney aspirator UА-PP-АхВ-Н-DN-type of connection(C-clutch/F-flange)

Example of designation:

Exhaust chimney aspirator-UА-PP-1500х1000-1500-400-F (flange)

Designation of exhaust cap for installation on the side of the bath/tank

Exhaust chimney aspirator UА-PP-АхВ-Н-Н1-DN-type of connection(C-clutch/F-flange)

Example of designation:

Exhaust chimney aspirator-UА-PP-1500х1000-1000-1500-400-C(clutch)


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