Reactor for dissolving metals in nitric acid

Ltd. "UralAсtiv" has produced an industrial reactor for dissolving metals in nitric acid.

The reactor is equipped with the following components:

  •          Paddle mixer made of stainless steel AISI 304
  •          Fluoroplastic electric heater provides heating of the mixture to a certain temperature
  •          The density meter provides continuous measurement of the density of the medium
  •          Thermal resistance sensor measures the temperature of the mixture
  •          A viewing window with illumination is located on the reactor cover.
  •          Flushing system with 4 nozzles located internally on the reactor lids
  •          On the reactor cover there is a branch pipe for the system of catching and ventilation of waste gases
  •          Strain gauges allow you to weigh the product inside the reactor
  •          To obtain a homogeneous solution, it is necessary to avoid stagnant places in the bottom drainage zone. For this purpose, the reactor is equipped with an electrically driven bottom valve.
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