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The blow-case is used to connect in one system the filters working under discharging (nutsche filters, drum-type vacuum filters, cassette filters etc.) The blow-case serves as a receiver and collector of filtrate receiver. Blow-case allows to connect several filters simultaneously, protects the vacuum pump from enter of liquid, protects the filters from pressure jump, regulates the vacuum level and filtering rate.

The filtrate is removed from the blow-case by the pumps or with the help of compressed air. The muddy filtrate moves into the suspension vessel, the clear filtrate goes further according to the technology.

The blow-cases are manufactured by UralActiv Ltd. from polypropylene block copolymer or from other thermoplastic materials by agreement with the customer (polypropylene copolymer, polyvinyl chloride, HD polyethylene, polyvinylidene fluoride). The construction of our blow-cases is designed according to technical requirements of each customer and allows to solve the most process tasks.

The materials are chosen according to the operating conditions (aggressive media, operating temperature, load). Our experienced engineers perform complex calculation of the design for equipment according to Russian and worldwide standards.